Sewing Challenge

After yesterday’s spectacular sewing failure that resulted in the ruination of my favorite fabric, what’s a girl to do? Why buy some new fabric and issue yourself a dress challenge! That’s right – I am making a new dress (by actually following the pattern instead of making one up!), with new fabric, with a deadline.  Why not, just to bring a bit of sewing sunshine my way. Or even more failure, either way, it will be fun!

So, here is the dress from this book:

sundress challenge

And here is the fabric Sophia and I picked out today:

Yes, similar colors and a floral pattern to that lovely fabric that was dismembered yesterday.  I managed to cut out the pattern pieces today (after having to purchase some tracing paper, because all the patterns in the book are drawn on top of each other).

pattern pieces cut

And the deadline: The dress needs to be done by Saturday morning, in time for a much needed mom’s morning out at the movies to see Eclipse! Dada will by watching the little darling while momma goes out with a friend.

Sure, no problem you might be thinking…if you don’t have a baby you want to hang out with all day!  And requires supervision! So, sewing will commence during naptimes, which should be plenty of time.  Oh, and did I mention tomorrow morning’s nap is out – we’re having a play date at the house.  That leaves 3 naptimes in which to complete the dress!!!!! And that’s IF the baby naps! Oh boy!

Will she be able to get the dress done in time? Can she follow the pattern correctly? And most importantly, will it fit???? Stay tuned for the excitement! And the drama!


Other news of the day: new shelves were installed above my desk, all  by myself.  And the stud finder and the drill.  And yes, they are off-center (that’s not your computer), because one wall only has two studs.  The stud finder and I were having some issues until we realized that yes, there is NO stud over there.  And I checked  by drill small pilot holes to see if a stud was there.  (And no, I did not patch those small holes yet…)

So, while the brackets are level and so are the shelves (I triple checked on that!), the shelves are off-center from the brackets. It might drive my husband crazy, but well, it’s my desk and my shelves will be off-center if they want to!

I think it’s got an artsy modern sorta flair…

Whatever  – it holds stuff.  And that’s the point!


One thought on “Sewing Challenge

  1. I totally understand the off center L-brackets! I did the same thing in Sofia’s room. Only mine are no where near the corner. There was no stud near the corner of the room. I can’t wait to see the progress of this dress tomorrow!

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