Sophia’s Chair

Sophia helped me put her chair together on Sunday. Really, she was more excited about the box than putting the chair together…  It’s her new thing – she loves to push things around.  Boxes, toys, cars (thanks GG for the cars!), strollers – you name it, she’s trying to move it around.

Once the chair was complete, she figured out how to get into it…and that the easiest way to get out was to lean as far forward as you can – and face plant into the carpet – or she would have, if momma hadn’t caught her!  So, getting out of the chair has yet to be mastered!  We figured she needed her own chair, since we love to sit in our poang chairs and read… and maybe she would too.  For now, that she likes to put things in the chair and lounge in it is good enough for me.  I do plan on making a new cover for the chair, because neutral is kinda boring in this house.

These little toys in the pictures are barnyard animals that make noise – loaned to Sophia from Sedona.  Lucy really likes them.  I often hear them make noise when Sophia is napping…Lucy has grabbed one and is making nice with it on the couch…which she is not supposed to do.  But I guess since Sophia has been playing with all of Lucy’s toys, this is Lucy’s way of getting her back!

i caught her falling out of the chair just after this photo!

I finally Sophia-proofed the kitchen.  I was letting her play with tupperware (which got quite messy – everything all over the floor), but I was not comfortable with other cabinet items (like glass lids or blender parts) being pulled out.  So I made do with these items until I could put cabinet locks in.

Hey, it worked.  Mostly. It was a pain when I need a certain utensil and had to remove it from the cabinet door – and quickly replace it with something else.  Now all kitchen cabinets have locks and I know where all my utensils are (at least, until Jon comes home and relocates them – it’s a fun game we play…)


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