Sew Frustrated!

I attempted smocking again today.  I figured that since it didn’t work so well last time, I’d give it another try.  I even decided to be brave and use my favorite fabric I’d been saving for something special, in hopes all would turn out well.

favorite fabric - from the "proud" line by keri beyer

I made sure the iron was set to cotton and made steam – something I neglected to do last time.  And what do you know – it worked!  Kinda.  The elastic didn’t bunch up like I had been led to believe. It did bunch, but not as much as I thought it would.  No problem – I’ll just make sure the dress fits snugly around my chest.  I even made pockets – because I really want a dress with pockets.

Unfortunately, the dress did not fit snugly around my chest, but it was snug every where else!  I somehow managed to cut the bottom portion too small.  So I thought I’d make the dress into a tunic top, to salvage the fabric.  It is my favorite fabric after all.  And this idea might have worked…but somehow it didn’t. Still too small everywhere but the chest! Even with side flaps…which basically meant the body of the tunic was open to the world – and yet, I didn’t make the side flaps (or whatever technical terms they are) up high enough (I didn’t want to flash everyone under the sun – I just wanted something to work!)

So, I thought I’d make the dress-turned-tunic failure into a dress for Sophia.  How hard could that be?  You just cut it smaller to fit her.   Well, apparently, even this was beyond my capabilities today.  I made the bodice just right…but – you guessed it – the rest of the dress too small!

Arrrggg. And this is my favorite fabric. And nothing.  Well, not nothing – pockets and a lot of smocking that fits nothing.  I toyed with the idea of making Big Bird (the toy) a dress, but decided to give up.  I cut off all the smocking and hems and made a nice bunch of scraps to be used for a quilt or something. Definitely not a dress for me!

So, I was a bit frustrated sewing today.  A perfectly good two hour nap – down the drain.  Nothing to show but a diminishing pile of my favorite fabric.  What’s a girl to do?  I don’t even know where I found it in the first place!

Enter the wonder of all wonders – the internet.  I googled the fabric brand and artists – and found more of it here! My saving grace! They had five yards…so I bought all of it.  AND IT WAS DISCOUNTED 50% OFF THE ALREADY LOW PRICE.  They must have know that I made lots of mistakes today and felt sorry for me.  I don’t think I will experiment with it when it arrives…at least, not for awhile.  I’ll perfect some dress pattern on less favorite (is this even proper english?) fabric (or two dresses, just to make sure) and THEN make myself a nice dress, with pockets, out of my favorite fabric.

And to think I could have used my time today to work on those outdoor cushions – what a simple job it would have been…and we would have had something nice to show for my time.


4 thoughts on “Sew Frustrated!

  1. I some how found your blog and stumbled onto this. You are the sweetest woman ever for not only liking my fabric but for all YOUR creative efforts. I can’t thread a needle so I applaud your seamstress skills! I will gladly send you more fabric just for being such a great cheeleader!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

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