Quilt #3

So, I began work on Sunday on quilt number three for Anne-Marie’s new baby boy who will be born sometime in August.  I figured I better get a move on, otherwise the baby would be here and there would be no quilt! I mentioned working on this quilt back in April – wow, was it really so long ago??? Where on earth has the time gone – I did say these were to be spring projects.  Oh well!

Ok, back to the quilt.  I managed to cut out the pieces and lay out the pattern I found pleasing during one nap period.  Jon hung out with Sophia so I could piece the first three of six rows together.

quilt top layout

I finished piecing the last three rows and began to attach each row to each other during another nap today.  I even managed to take the quilt top, add the batting and the brown back layer – and sewed it all together – during the same nap period.  It helps if your baby decided to scream all night the previous evening due to teething difficulties – you’ll get a nice long afternoon nap that way.  Just because you can’t think beyond row one attaches to row two or remember what sleep felt like is NO excuse for not quilting!

There are some really pretty fabrics (if I do say so myself!) in this quilt.  I really like the trees (above) and the bees and floral & cobwebpatterns (below).

There’s lots of browns and greens and some teal blues in this quilt. I was going to use a brown binding on this quilt, but the back fabric is brown.  So, Anne-Marie, you have a choice:

Do you choose brown binding:

Green binding:

Or teal blue binding:

The bindings show are for illustrative purposes only – I will use thick binding similar to the brown binding thickness.  So, what will it be?

I still need to actually quilt the quilt, but it seems to be a hit so far.  At least, Sophia likes it. And since she’s my daughter, she has good taste.  I’m only saying…

Since Sophia, Lucy, and I are off tomorrow to Phoenix for a visit, Anne-Marie has some time to let me know which color she prefers…which do you prefer? Not that this quilt is for you, but still, I like to ask…


3 thoughts on “Quilt #3

  1. I really like those fabrics! Where did you find them? I actually managed to get some sewing done today as well. I made a wet bag for Sofia’s cloth diapers for when we are out and about. No more plastic baggies.

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