Sophia does a pretty good job of sharing, considering she doesn’t have any siblings (yet).  For example, she’s always willing to share her food with Lucy.  That’s quite a nice thing, something even I refuse to do. She’s developed a new method for sharing food that enables her to pet Lucy at the same time.  Which is quite funny, considering that of she didn’t have the food to offer, Lucy does her best to run away when Sophia gets too close.  I mean, five feet is too close for Lucy.

Sophia usually drops food on the floor for Lucy to eat. Or on Lucy’s back or the top of her head.  But now she’s master a new skill set.  Tonight, in honor of Father’s Day, we had beef burgers and garlic fries.  Jon loves his beef and garlic fries. But since I want him to LIVE for a long time, we don’t have beef very often.  I wish I could say the same for those garlic fries, but we all have weaknesses.

Sophia ate some pears and leftover crab cakes, and some fries.  She began by holding out a fry for Lucy to eat…and then whipping it away.  Meanwhile, her other hand reaches around the side to grab Lucy’s ears.  She repeats again – fries out, ears grabbed and yanked, fry out,  ears grabbed and yanked, until the fry is no more because she (Sophia) has eaten it.  She repeats this with every single fry she has on her plate (although, she does drop one fry to make Lucy think she has a chance for the remainder of the fries).

I tried to capture a picture of this new method, but Sophia seemed to get camera shy.  She refused to offer Lucy any more fries and just ate the rest of them herself. Poor Lucy!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads in our lives, especially this one (it’s his first Father’s Day!):


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