The Beach

Things I want to remember:

  • Strong salty fishy wind and the continuous sound of the waves
  • Jon’s interesting patchwork of sunburns
  • The look on Sophia’s face as she eats seaweed
  • Sophia doing her version of the crab walk towards the crashing waves
  • Drinking cool beers with Jon while Sophia naps
  • Riding the bike while pulling the bike trailer with Sophia bouncing up and down, laughing
  • The sudden shaking of the airstream late at night due to the earthquake in Ocotillo (5.9)

We spent most of our time at the beach.  Silver Strand is a barrier island that connects to Coronado and south of San Diego.  You have a choice of visiting the beach with all the waves or the bay side, where the water is much calmer.  Sophia didn’t seem to care which side we were on, as long as she got to play in the water. We built sand castles (which Sophia LOVES to destroy) and dug large pits in the sand (don’t ask me why, we just did).

sophia doing her crab walk

We went to the zoo one warm day.  The polar bear swam right up to the glass towards Sophia.  We went to the Coronado Brewing Company twice (very good beers and good happy hour specials!) Jon rode his bike and Sophia and I rode mine (well, she rode in the trailer).  I don’t quite have the stamina to do long bike rides like Jon, especially when pulling the bike trailer, but we had fun.  Lucy went for several long walks to compensate for having to hang out in the trailer while we were gone.

We’ve figured out that the water in the trailer can last for five days, if you’re only using it for dish washing.  We showers at the pay showers (which had warm water!), and used the bathroom three spaces down from us. And the trailer batteries stayed charged the entire time, especially if you use flashlights and outdoor lamps.

We had a few minor issues (as we’ve come to expect with trailer travels), such as trying to back up onto wooden wedges that help level the trailer when you’re parking on uneven slopes.  One wedge might have been okay, but two caused disaster – we backed up onto the second one and it shot straight back and broke the sewer box! Talk about smelly and disgusting!  We managed to get the box to stop leaking (or they would have kicked us out) and even managed to get the trailer parked on the two wedges.  One of the legs fell of my side of the bed, but we knew it was loose. The truck tire treads suddenly exploding off the wheel while on the highway (while pulling the trailer – and taking the entire wheel mud flap with it), well, that was the least fun part of the trip (it happened on the way home).

But in all, it was a great trip and we can’t wait to go back. Here’s a short video of Sophia playing on the beach.


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