Off to Greener Pastures…

Or rather, cool ocean breezes! We’re almost ready and packed for our airstream adventure to San Diego.  We’re leaving early tomorrow morning, stopping overnight at Lake Moreno and then on to Silver Strand on Coronado Island.  Lucy will be joining us (the cats will not), but unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the beaches at Coronado.  We’d have to go to a special dog beach, and we just might not make it there this trip.  But, rest assured, Lucy will get plenty of walks and playtime.

I bought a new bike (to haul the new bike trailer) and we plan to bike around Coronado. We really don’t have much planned on this trip, except hang out on the beach (did I mention we’re staying at a RV park right on the beach?), maybe check out the zoo and go on a harbor cruise.  We’ll see what we end up doing – I’m so excited to be going somewhere cool!  The highs are supposed to be in the 60’s, which is cooler than I’d like, but it will be different weather than Tucson, which is beginning to get warm.  Not too warm, but warm enough.

So, there will be no posting while we’re away.  There is no internet at the rv park and no hookups either, so no electricity or water.  The computer will be staying home, getting a rest. There will be many photos when we return!


One thought on “Off to Greener Pastures…

  1. A-M

    WOw! so much traveling…I am in IL, let’s try to catch up next week when you get back. I wanna hear how Sophia’s sleeping is going and how all your trips went.

    Love the 4 generation of ladies pic BTW 🙂

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