Sewing Time!

I finally got to do some sewing!  I’ve missed being able to make things – and it’s one of the things I’ve looked forward to all spring semester – more time to sew!

I made my sister and Sedona dresses – here’s Sedona in her princess dress – I think she really likes it – she won’t take it off! We had to add straps to Sedona’s dress after it slipped down too many times. I didn’t get a photo of Sarah in her new dress, because as soon as I finished it, we went to the pool next door.  I’ll get one next time I see her.

I just bought fabric with the smocking already done (since it didn’t work so well last time I tried it).  I even had time to make myself a new dress for our upcoming beach trip!

I did some more sewing on Sunday.  After Sophia and I caught up on our sleep (again, she’s teething and NOT sleeping at night!!!) – Jon played with Sophia for an hour so I could make her a new crib bumper, since her’s was originally something I found at the thrift store and the ties were falling apart.  Her new bumper is made from some lovely green fabric and pretty green ties!  It’s just lovely!  And it took less than an hour to make!  Gotta love it!

I have many more projects planned – a baby quilt and many more clothes for myself and Sophia.  I better get going!


One thought on “Sewing Time!

  1. I love the bumper fabric. I made bumpers for Sofia’s crib as well. Only she quickly started using them to pull herself up on and was constantly crashing into the crib bars. So I had to remove them. I can’t wait to see the other projects. I have so many on my to do list as well.

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