NM Photos

We arrived home yesterday around noon, feeling the heat of the day.  Summer is definitely here in Tucson! While we miss the cool breezes up in the pines, it’s nice to be home.  It’s less nice to think about the 10 loads of laundry I’ve already done…and the next 6 that need to get done.  How we managed to generate so much laundry, I’ll never know.

We had a nice trip, enjoyed the weather, and even got to spend some time with Jon on the weekend! I had a quiet birthday on Sunday – we had breakfast at the local restaurant and then a 2 hour nap, since Sophia did not sleep well that night.  We joined Jon for some scouting in the Caldera and had lunch next to the river.   Jon made a fire and we had some smores – a pretty  nice birthday in all.

i forgot the high chair...

More photos can be seen in the flickr sidebar.


One thought on “NM Photos

  1. Aunt JoAn

    I meant to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY before we left for the lake for Memorial Weekend…but we did think of you and toasted you as well…sounds like it was a goooood one!

    Love ya!

    Aunt JoAn

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