Horses and Trailers

Sorry there are no photos yet.  The internet connection is a bit annoying…as it is, I’m emailing the same email several times before it actually works.  Same with blog posts.

Sophia is doing great, still snotty, but in a good mood.  We’ve been having fun walking around and visiting the horses across the street. Lucy still doesn’t like the horses.  Sophia and I like petting them.  One of the bulls ran towards the fence at Lucy and she ran very fast back to us!  It was kinda funny…the bull didn’t know quite what to do with Lucy on the other side of the fence. Luckily, I brought another leash, since she chewed through hers the other day because she didn’t like the horses.  I learned to bring an extra one on our first trailer trip.

Jon has been working 12 hour days, with the drive time to and from the caldera.   He might get off early today, which would be a nice change! Jon should have the weekend off but I don’t know what we’ll do.  Things are getting pretty busy here – lots of people are driving up the road heading towards the lake.  And the rv park will be full tonight.  I think I’ll probably have to keep Lucy on a leash – she’s been spoiled!

The trailer has had a few minor issues on this trip: toilet clogged (twice now), sink leaking (Steve the rv guy repaired it yesterday, but we may need a new faucet – I need to look for one and order it if the internet works today), and the battery leads fell off and I think the battery might be dead.  We’re working in recharging it again today…let’s hope it works.  Poor Jon has had to deal with the toilet…what a guy! Speaking of things I’ve learned, there are even more things I need to get for the trailer.  It’s funny what you don’t realize you need until you don’t have access to it…


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