NM Trip Update

After a stop in Socorro, we continued our journey north.  Socorro has a nice little brewery – check it out if you’re ever in the town. Sophia made friends with everyone in the building and one guy at the next table even came over and sat with us because he was having so much fun talking & playing with her! He said he missed his 2 year old and 4  month old back home (he was in town doing some geology work too).

We had to make a few stops along the way, looking for items for Jon’s experiments in the Preserve.  We went to Wal-Mart in Socorro, then tried to find the Home Depot in Albuquerque, ended up at a Lowe’s, then Bed, Bath & Beyond for more angel food cake pans (I’ll explain another time) – and then  Wal-Mart again to return the angel food cake pans we originally bought at the first Wal-Mart in Socorro!  I won’t mention that once we were on the road (finally!) to Jemez Mountains, we drove right by another Home Depot…luckily, Jon thought it was hilarious! I think Lucy thought we would never arrive! Or get out of that truck!

We arrived in La Cueva (north of Jemez Springs) yesterday afternoon.  We weren’t sure if the truck would make it up the very steep slope into the RV Park!  The owner helped us out and managed to get it up the hill in four wheel drive!  He even backed our trailer in our spot for us, since he was driving!

Sophia and Lucy and I took a walk up the road this morning to look around.  It is so pretty here.  We’re upslope from the creek that runs along the valley.  Lucy doesn’t like the big gusts of wind that blow through the trees!

It’s pretty amazing – both the scenery and the gusts of wind!  We aren’t going to put the awning out.  I have this huge umbrella I got at Costco and it provides lots of shade over the baby corral.  I’ve been sitting in the sun to stay warm all day! Not that it’s cold, it’s just those wind gusts freeze me out!  Next time, I need to bring more sweaters to wear.

Sophia’s cough is better, but now she’s at the stage of her cold where there is a LOT of snot.  I have never seen so much snot in my life!  She’s not eating as much solid food as she was when she was well, but I know that will change when she’s all better.

She’s napping right now, and when she wakes up, we’ll all go for a walk again. The little store is a mile up the road.  I’ll probably take the stroller, but pushing it up the hill to get back to the park will be a workout!

I’ll try to upload photos next time, but the connection is tempestuous at best. At least we’re able to watch movies I brought, for when it gets too cold to sit outside at night (not to mention all the books & crochet projects I brought too!) If I thought I could make room for the sewing machine, I might have considered bringing it.  But then, well, we probably wouldn’t have made it up the hill! Oh well!  Those sewing projects will have to wait until we return!


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