A little more sleep, please

Sleep or the lack of.  This is what I’m blaming my lack of posting lately on.  Or it could be that it’s the last two weeks of work and everyone suddenly decides to hold a gazillion meetings that are not well organized that you have to attend…

No, I think it’s the lack of sleep.  Now that Sophia can pull herself up on her crib rail – she wakes up many times at night and pulls herself up and begins to wail.  I thought we had transitioned to sleeping through the night – or if she woke, then a little soothing and she’s back to sleep.  No such luck in this case.  At first, I thought it was just teething and figured it would eventually pass.  Well, her three new teeth have broken through…and still, her sleep schedule continues which the wakings.

The only thing that soothes her (and I’ve tried everything else), is to feed her some water.  Which means I’m picking her up and out of the crib… and prolonging my getting back in bed.  She doesn’t even drink much – just a few sips and she’s all set to go back to sleep….until she’s not.  I was up more than three times on Monther’s Day…not the present I was hoping for.  All I want is a little more sleep.

Luckily, she’s still napping fairly consistently, so I can get a short nap in during the day.  Unless I have to get some work done…which has been the case lately.

I really feel bad whining about this, because she’s so much fun to be around. She can and does crawl everywhere (I need to get some baby gates pronto!), and we spent a lovely Mother’s Day playing and hanging out.  Jon had to leave for field work for a week, so I’m on my own at nights.  Unfortunately, Lucy the dog has not yet figure out how to care for the baby, other than being feed food by Sophia.

We”re going up to Phoenix tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll more photos and a more exciting post when we get back. I promise to be a bit more upbeat…it’s just a bit hard to do right now…

My question: How do you get a baby to sooth herself back to sleep when she can pull herself up in the crib? And can’t get herself back down, it seems, on her own?  Just curious…


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