In just a week, Sophia started to crawl and now she can pull herself up…on anything. I came into her room yesterday when she was suppose ot be napping – and found her holding on to her crib.

BTW, what can you do when she can figure out how to pull herself up – but not set herself down?  She’s doing this in the middle of the night now too…which means I’m up during the night, again.  Last night, it was twice. I miss sleep.

Friends loaned us this walker and it’s now Sophia’s new best friend.  She throws quite the fit if you decide you get tired of walking up and down the hall…and have to sit down.


One thought on “Walking?

  1. Trinka

    Lex has the same problem… she stands up, but she doesn’t know how to get back down. So after a few minutes she gets very upset and we have to go grab her and put her back to the crawling position. We just lowered the crib mattress again! Part of me wants to just let her fall and figure out how to get back down, but then I feel guilty even thinking about it :).

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