sophia and her peas

Sophia loves her peas.  She could eat them all the time, no problem. One day, she ate about 1/2 cup of rice and a cup of peas…and that’s why there are so many pea videos!  Plus, she’s learned to say “uh-oh”, but usually likes to say it only when dropping food on the dog.


2 thoughts on “sophia and her peas

  1. How adorable! I just gave my Sofia some mushed up peas for the first time today. She loved them. She’s just starting solids. The first thing she had was pureed sweet potato. Cooking for baby is so much fun!

  2. A-M

    Wow, she is vocal and cute!

    And uh-oh is an awesome first word, ours was a boring “ball”.

    Lukas loves peas too, don’t really get it….IMO they are just ok.

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