getting the garden in…

After working hard today, the garden is in.  I had to install two new trellises for pumpkins (and eventually, other things as well). I had a great helper, who insisted we take many breaks to play with bean bags. I figured – why not?

one of the pear trees in bloom
the basil thief

Sophia is definitely my daughter – stealing basil to eat..right from the plant! I placed her a bit too close to the plants…

peppers & nasturiums

And potatoes – a new plant for us!

I kinda went overboard this year.  This row includes two types of pumpkins, cucumbers, eggplant, corn, and some chard that is still going strong.

This is the tomato. row.  We have four types of tomatoes growing here.  I re-spray painted the tomato cages, so they look pretty.  Jon kinda though it was a waste of time to spray paint these, but he is very sweet and just lets me do whatever I want in the garden.

Here’s the whole veggie garden (not including the pots on the patio).   I still have chard and kale growing and doing well, although soon it will be too warm for them.  We have at least three pots of herbs, plus the herbs in the ground. I still need to buy more basil and plant it. I interspersed marigolds in tomatoes to help with pests.

We’ll see how it grow.  I’m excited about the pumpkins!

And here is Sophia showing everyone how to fit a horse and elephant inside your mouth at the same time…


3 thoughts on “getting the garden in…

  1. How exciting! Looks and sounds like you will have a great produce summer. Having just seen my garden today after 14 days on vacation I’m really happy to say it’s alive and well.

    Sophia looks adorable. Did you make the horse and elephant for her?

  2. deserthomespun

    Hey there – how was your trip? What have you planted?

    Yes, I did make those stuffed animals…they are well loved. I need to make some more…

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