update on rabbits

So, I managed to convince Jon that rabbits are a good source of meat.  Although he’s not thrilled with the idea of even more things to take care of, he’s willing to consider it…if I move forward with my plans to butcher the chickens.

Yes, you read that right. The chickens will be 3 years old this May and they’re getting pretty old in terms of laying production.  They will slow down even more (we just went through a 6 month egg-laying drought)…and I always said I’d butcher them when they turned 3. And get new chickens.

So, in order for rabbits to be on the table (in more ways than one!), I need to follow through with the chickens.  Luckily my Dad has offered to help teach me to butcher.  Which is great, because I know nothing about butchering…

So, stayed tuned for the big chicken demise…not sure when it will happen, because we’ll need to wait until my Dad is available to help one weekend. And I don;t think we’ll do all 8 chickens at once.  Maybe we’ll pick the 4 that don’t seem to be laying as well…and how do you figure that out?  Not sure…but the Americana chickens who lay the blue eggs have been slacking, so I think they may be on the chopping block.

All in the name of rabbits…


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