the sweatshop…

Pamela’s official sweatshop opened today and nine pillow covers for the front couch of the airstream were sewn…

It may not look like there are nine pillows here, but you can’t see the pillows to prop the front pillows up…trust me, there really are nine pillows.

All of the pillows, except the two long flat pillows, are sewn envelop-style, with ties in along the “envelop” to hold it together.  Some pillows only needed three ties, some five or six ties.

Sophia likes the colors.  I also repainted all the drawers that were removable a nice crisp white color.  I think I’m still inhaling the fumes…

We still need curtains and more pillows for the back bed, but things are coming along. I was hoping to use some of the fabric I have for the curtains, but I think they would match too much.  So I think I’ll make some white curtains…requiring another trip to the fabric store…

curtain possibilities? no

My favorite color pillow is the tweed.


5 thoughts on “the sweatshop…

  1. What fabric store do you go to? I’d like to go somewhere a little more mom and pop then Hancock fabrics….I go to SAS sometimes too. The airstream looks great by the way!

  2. deserthomespun

    it’s a bit afar from you, but i like sas fabrics on speedway. you have to hunt for things, and you never know if they will have more of that fabric…but it’s worth a drive

  3. twadamson

    Looks awesome! Am I going to get to see it when y’all are here for the week? I’m thinking it might not happen, but I sure do hope so!

  4. deserthomespun

    Well Trinka, the trailer will probably be at the beach, because it would be too much work to pull it to your place & back…especially in LA traffic.

    BUT, we’re all excited to see you!!!

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