Ok, so not much got done this weekend.  I had a massive cold, it was raining, and Jon had a field trip on Saturday.  Sophia was sweet enough to offer me her pacifier during nap time on Saturday (not that she was sleeping – but I was trying too)..

But the cushions were done on Thursday…don’t even get me started about when the airstream will return from Camping World.  That is a  story for a time when I’m not truly pissed off…

But I digress….the cushions:

first, there was lonely cushion
then three - to make a complete bed set
then four!

And everyone likes the location of these cushions.  It’s a nice spot to take a snooze…

And a great spot to watch the javelina as the herd visits (at least 10 strong, with 3 babies)!!!

And someday, we really will get our airstream back, with the fridge installed.  And the jack that they broke replaced. One just has to be patient.   And get on with making pillows and curtains.  Sure, it would be easier to measure the curtains with the airstream here, but, well, I was looking for a challenge…and Camping World was happy to oblige.

Our vacation starts in 10 days….gotta get to work!


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