Bean Bags

In the spirit of Celebrate the Boy month, I’ve made some bean bag toys.  For a special boy, another boy, and a girl (shhhh – don’t tell!).  I just bought some fat quarters and cut  some random sized squares, sewed the edges together (after leaving room to fill the bags), and then sewed the final edges together.  I filled the bags with the dried beans I had in the cupboard and when I ran out, tapioca.  Voila! Bean bags for all to enjoy.

bean bags for one

I tested them out with Sophia yesterday.  She had fun picking them up and flinging them.  We put them on her head and she laughed.  She grew tired of playing and laid back on her boppy pillow…after she rolled onto her side, Jon and I thought it would be a fun game to toss bean bags onto her side and see if they stuck…she giggled so much at the bags landing on or near her – it was so adorable.

After  this, we were reading a great book from the library – The Plot Chickens – when Caroline the cat came over to our blanket and started playing with the bean bags.  She grabbed them, threw them around, and then attacked them.  Sophia was mesmerized…those cats sure can be funny when they want to…

So, in all, even though these bean bags are meant for some little guys (and one little girl), I think everyone will like them…I still need to make each guy a small bags to hold their bean bags…hopefully that will get made this week…


2 thoughts on “Bean Bags

  1. What a great, simple, idea! I’m going to have to borrow that idea, and make some bean bags for my Sofia. When I do I’ll post it and link back to you, so everyone knows where this cool idea came from!

  2. Stephanie

    Tapioca! I never would have guessed. Everyone is having fun with the bean bags. Zuzu likes to see how many she can balance on her head while walking. James has some game with disappearing bean bags that is a hit. Thank you!

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