Seven Months

Sophia is becoming quite a character!  She knows what she wants and when she wants it…if only she could physically move more to get it accomplished.  She loves to walk loops in her walker – always trying to get the pets.  I put her on her belly for some tummy time the other day – and she actually seemed to crawl forward, if only for a second.  Then she decided that this crawling thing was no fun.  She rolled over onto her back…and found she couldn’t sit up all the way.  She does a very good job of sitting from a prone position, but not from flat on her back.  I can’t begin to describe how mad she was at this situation…

She is so tall!  At the doctor’s today to get a booster vaccine for H1N1, she was as tall as a boy who is 1 year! I think she was even a bit taller…I don’t have official stats for all of you, but I will weigh her this weekend.  We’ve been so busy, I just haven’t had time on the weekend.

Sophia loves to be outside.  She loves her walks (and so does the dog!) Thankfully, we live in the desert, which means winter is quite lovely.  She has a toy she can stand in and play with all the toys around her that we keep on the front patio.  Not only does she get the fresh air, but Momma can work in the garden at the same time! It’s so nice to be outside these days.  I know it won’t last, with the 100+ temps coming sooner than we like to think, but it’s quite lovely now.

With all the airstream sewing work ahead of me, I’m still dreaming of the fun dresses and little coats I want to make for Sophia.  In the meanwhile, here’s two swimsuits we ordered for our spring break trip (I probably will send one back – just wanted to try both):

She’ll be super cute in both, so it will be a tough choice!

I’ve got a very busy and hectic week of work coming up, so there may be less posting next week.  Or more, depending on if I feel the need to procrastinate…


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