All Work and No Play…

Well, unless you count Sophia playing…

Lots more work accomplished on the airstream this weekend.  Mom and Dad came down from Phoenix to help once again – and we are very grateful for the help & expertise!!!

Here’s what’s been going on:

  • a new stove installed (even larger than what we ordered due to the original stove having a defect)
  • rewiring the rear tail lights
  • expanding the area and counter above the eventual fridge location (the one we ordered was too big to fit…and so were other fridges, until we made the space larger to fit one of them)
  • creating a spare tire holder on the bumper
  • creating a bike rack on the bumper
  • checking the trailer breaks & break control (which appearance does NOT work properly & must be return & replaced)
  • one of the five new cushions was slip covered!
  • and lots more technical details that I cannot recall…

Here are some photos:

bike rack and spare tire mounts

couch turned big bed

I like the color choices for this bed/couch.  The front couch required fabric modifications…which you’ll see once I get the cushions done.  Nothing like a little bit of anticipation!  Or encouragement to finish the project…

I almost forgot…Dad found us a 4×2 foot table that just needed a new top.  Mom spray painted the legs, I found us a nice piece of birch, and Jon varnished it.  Here’s the top of the table prior to being installed.  I forgot to get a photo of the whole table…

new table top

Well, that’s it for the weekend work.  This week I will try to find time to sew more cushion covers and wipe all the walls down with a mild cleaning solution.  We’re ordered the new fridge and they don’t know when it will come in…which will require another trip down to Camping World. Jon has to go there this week anyway to get that break control replaced…

We’re getting closer to being able to use our new airstream!  We have our spring break plans finalized and will be going on a road trip.   Until then, we’ll just keep on working on it!


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