A skirt for Me..

I’ve wanted to make some clothes for me, but haven’t tried.  Today, I gave into the urge…and made a skirt while Sophia napped.  I just used some material I had lying around (I actually bought it for Sophia to make her more pants…)

Sorry for the bad blurry and flash photo.  It turned out ok.  I took a skirt I already like and just cut a quick pattern from it (by laying it on top of the fabric), sewed up the sides of the skirt, and made a waistband that I thread some elastic through.  I didn’t even hem the bottom.  Next time, I’ll make the elastic tighter (or smaller?), but it worked fine.  I even wore it out to lunch today…

Ok, so not the best photo and the shirt makes me look pregnant, but it’s all I had in the closet that went with this skirt.  Hmmm….

But it is a colorful skirt.  And comfy.  Which is all the maters. Since I’ve made one skirt, others will follow.  Just in time for spring and summer…


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