A Jacket for Owen

A fun little jacket for a sweet little boy I have not yet had the pleasure to meet…

Owen has had a bit of a tough time since he was born two weeks ago today, so please send positive thoughts his way.

Sophia modeled the jacket for me. She found it very tasty…as are things are these days.  The pattern was from this book, and it was not quite right, but I managed to get it to work out in the end.The size is supposed to be for 0-3 months, but Sophia is clearly much bigger than that and it works. I used some fun new fabric Antje sent me and even managed bias tape for the first time.

I started out making Owen some pants (my standby handmade product), but the fabric I chose was far to stretchy and all the seams pulled out every time I moved it.  I don’t know how anyone sews with that material…

And I’ve officially made something to take part in Celebrate the Boy month, hosted by MADE and Made by Rae.   In spite on not having a little boy myself to sew for – there are plenty of things to make for friends who do have little boys! Enjoy!


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