First, we just want to say:

Thank you Dad!!!

For giving up your weekend to come and do wonders on the airstream. It looks so much better and the trailer function has greatly improved.

What did they do?  What didn’t they do: extended the second couch so that two people can sleep on it; engineered a shelf in the bathroom closet; made the front couch usable; removed old curtains and 30+ years of mildew and grime (well, part of this task fell to me while Sophia napped); and countless other technical things I couldn’t even begin to describe. Oh, and did I mention they did this all in the rain on Sunday???

wasp nest found in exhaust fan

After the renovations this weekend – this airstream is almost ready to get on the road!  The new window will be installed today and the stove & fridge by the end of the week.  All that it will need is a valve for the sewer/water line…

Not to mention those cushions need new covers pronto!  I’ve got my work cut out for me.  I hope I can do as good a job as Dad and Jon have done on the inside.

Dad – we couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you!!!


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