Color Palette Revealed

I have finally found the fabrics for our airstream makeover.  I’m sure this is what everyone’s been waiting for – the big reveal.

As you may recall, this is what the airstream is currently decked out in:

Not my favorite color scheme – and the those curtains are horrible.  Not to mention, the airstream kinda smells…like the guy we bought it from.

So we decided on a color palette that includes colors from our trips to Maine. The inspiration – the inn we stayed in on Chebeague  Island.  I don’t have photo of the room, but the room was completely white with blue accents – and this beautiful blanket knit with different colors of blue that I used every day.  I was thinking about buying that blanket (they had some for sale), but didn’t like the price tag…

Yes, we like Maine a lot.  And beaches.   It was the inspiration for the bathroom remodel.  The colors are very soothing.   Like blues and greens, whites, and brown.  We have brown covered, with all the wood work. So I’m going to add in some nice soothing blues and greens.  Accents will be white to brighten the area, as will the dishes.

And the big reveal…

Since I think there are two rooms (plus the bathroom), we’re going with two different materials with similar colors. For the living and kitchen area, the couch recovered in this tweed material, with lots of pillows in the other colors. The inspiration for this couch is a cafe I like in San Francisco – a comfy bench covered with big pillows.

And the boudoir area will have a more exotic pattern and include a dark blue for pillows in addition to the lighter blue.

For now, I plan on removing the curtains that are already there.  I will eventually replace the room dividers with solid color curtain panels.  But, just getting them out, for now, will be an improvement.

We may include a dark blue pillow or two in the living room area as well to tie it all together.  And on the floor, in place of this:

Well, eventually I’d like to rip this out and put some nice laminate wood floors in, but for now, a small rug in the living room will have to do.  I’ve got a couple of samples of FLOR rugs coming for us to check out. The tiles come in roughly at 20″ by 20″, so a couple of those tiles can make a big impact.

Here are the options:

Toy Poodle in Digger Blue:

House Pet in Chameleon:

Feelin Groovy in Cobalt:

We’ve got a small wooden table in there that I may paint white.  It really is too small to use for eating, more for holding drinks. The kitchen table is not very functional, so I may just remove it.  I need to find a 4×2 table with legs that folds…unless East Coast Papa comes out and makes one.  I don’t think that will happen before the spring break trip, sadly.

Speaking of drinks, I found some unbreakable wine glasses that look like they could easily hold half a bottle of wine.  I showed one to Jon and he said cool – did you get more than one!!!!  He just made me laugh so hard…

Well, that’s all the news for now.  I’ve got a lot of sewing to do before our maiden voyage sometime this month.  And we need to figure out how to expand the boudoir bed so both Jon and I can sleep there.  Next week, the trailer goes in for a window repair and the stove and fridge installed.  Dad is coming tomorrow to put Jon through trailer driving school, complete with cones for him to practice backing up into campsites.  Sophia and I will be rooting for him…


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