Weekend Visit

We had a lovely weekend visit from Grandma and GG (Great Grandma Mary).  They arrived during one of our wonderful winter storms (lots of rain).  We went to the first Farmer’s Market at Udall Park (10 minutes from us) and had a great time sampling the free food.  We probably bought too much stuff, but next time I only plan on buying produce. Gotta try things at least once.

We had a grand time playing and playing and…you guessed it…playing!  Sophia showed us how she likes to sit up from a reclining position on her boppy pillow and whacking everyone with her giraffe.  I’m uploading videos of this weekends, so they should appear in the sidebar shortly.

sophia and keetah
sophia and her giraffe
sophia eating sweet potatoes

Sophia had a great time showing everyone how much she likes sweet potatoes and pears.  She’s also had squash, carrots, apples, peas and bananas.  She really doesn’t like peas or bananas…

On Saturday we went to the local brew pub (which we love).  We had some good beers, which were much earned by Jon after learning how to hook up the trailer.  He even took it to the road!  And up the mountain for a test run.  Mom was his helper/director…you name it.  Next weekend Jon will be going through Dad’s driving school, complete with an obstacle course and cones…

After our dinner, GG keep telling us she wanted a “Russian”…we weren’t quite sure what she meant until she went in the pantry closet and got herself one (no, I didn’t know we kept Russians in there…)

She meant a glass of Bailey’s…she’s wearing mom’s hat to keep warm (and to get in the mood, I guess)…

We had a great time!


I realized I never posted Sophia’s sixth months stats – here they are:

Weight: 16 pounds 11 ounces

Height: 28 inches

She received five shots this time – we were able to get the H1N1 vaccine but not the regular flu shot…maybe this month.


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