We are officially joining the ranks of “trailer people”! Cool trailer people who have airstreams!!!

After much searching, Jon found us a vintage 1971 23 foot Airstream Safari Land Yacht. He drove all the way up to Phoenix to buy it, after my parents inspected it yesterday.

Here it is!

It’s very shiny! The owner had removed the stove (hello????? people do like to eat???), so we need to get one to replace it.  And the fridge needs replacing – the current one runs only on electricity.  While we’re looking for these items, the trailer is hanging out at my parent’s house.  Due to the rain today and Dad having to work tonight, they couldn’t drive it down.  Jon’s truck needs trailer brakes and larger mirror before we can pull it. And I’m sure we’ll have to go through my Dad’s special training school to learn how to pull a trailer!

A great big thanks goes out to my parents for helping us out with this trailer! We’ve always talked about getting an airstream, and now we have one! Look for us this summer – we’ll be visiting and touring in our airstream!!!

Here’s the layout of our trailer:

We have lots of storage! My mom took some photos of the inside for us:

second couch that makes into a bed
tiny bathroom sink
kitchen & where the missing stove will go
couch when you first walk inside

Both couches make into twin beds.  We’re going to modify the couch in the rear to make into a double for us to sleep on.  Sophia can sleep in her playpen until she’s big enough to sleep on the front bed (that she’ll be sharing with Lucy, I’m sure).

And once we get it down here – it’s time to decorate! I’ve been dreaming of the color schemes already!  As soon as my mom walked inside, the first thing she said was “oh, Pamela’s going to redo those couches first!”.  And she’s right.  We’ll post all the exciting news and the whole process here!


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