Sophia is 6 months!

Oh my.  My little baby is now a little person who will be six months old this Sunday.  Life has not been the same, and yet some things have not changed. Like our tea time – we thought we wouldn’t have time to sit and enjoy tea in the mornings anymore. Thanks to those toys she can sit in, play with other toys, and move around, tea time is still happening.  It’s a nice thing, tea in the morning, for everyone. Of course, when she’s done, you’re done.  We try to do a bit reading after tea time and before nap time.  We’re reading Charlotte’s Web now.

Sophia brings so much joy to our house.  It’s hard to stay grumpy when you’re around her.  She just LOVES everything, and if she isn’t in a good mood, then it’s likely time for a nap.  Sage advice.

The look of pure bliss on her face this morning when Panda decided we were worthy and permitted to pet him for ten whole minutes – seriously, this little girl looked like she was the luckiest one in the room.  Even when knocked around by that long tail. The cats have recently tended to move away from her when she is near, ever since she learned how to pull their fur instead of pet. And ears.  She loves ears.  Loves pulling HARD on them…

Her little raspberries are just too funny.  She does them all day long.  And the amount of drool accompanied by them is quite funny, until she decided it’s time for you to share in it.

She loves to sit outside and watch the pond fountain.  It’s relaxing for everyone and she just gets so mesmerized.  It’s a great thing to do in late afternoons when Momma is a bit tired too…she just cuddles up on my lap facing me and watches the water.  She loves to go outside with Daddy too, especially when Momma is cooking and making LOTS of noise in the kitchen.

She’s getting so tall!  Pants that were long on her last month are now up to her ankles.  Unbelievable. She’s just all legs.  She moves around in her “around we go” toy – walking around the toy table, taking Daddy’s newspaper off his chair, and throwing it on the ground.  Pretty funny…

She’s mesmerized by tv…I know it’s not a great thing for her, to be watching tv, but she loves Sesame Street and football.  Or anything on tv really.  We limit the amount of time she watches – it’s always with us (and we don’t watch much tv).

Sophia can sit up if propped with the bobby behind her.  She can almost pull herself up, but not yet.  When she’s tired of sitting up and all her toys have been flung to the far reaches of the living room, she like to lounge. On the bobby pillow and just talks to herself and blows raspberries.  She can do this for some time without getting bored.

Speaking of talking, she’s started this high-pitched squeal that really isn’t very pleasant. Luckily, she only does it when she feels we haven’t been giving her the proper amount of attention…or just before a nap to show she’s getting tired. Either way, it’s rough on the ears.  Even Lucy runs away.   She’s been eating a ton of food and has solid foods twice a day now.  It seems to help fill her belly up, and she’s slept through the night (7-ish pm to 6-ish am) the last two nights.  Sleep is a good thing…

Sophia is just wonderful.  I can’t wait to see what the next six months brings us…


And Happy 1st Birthday to Lukas on Sunday!!!!


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