Jon’s Project

It’s time to highlight Jon’s latest project – his flagstone path in the front yard. Remember, he previously laid 1,000 sf of of it in the back for our wedding…which was a MAJOR job.

He began by excavating the pathway a few inches down using a jack hammer with a spade bit.  Then, after his flagstone and sand arrived, he began to lay the flagstone.

He broke each piece into smaller pieces that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

And then once each piece was level, the next step was to grout them into place.  This took a bit of work.  After grouting, Jon applied an acid to remove the grout film that had built up.  He may eventually add a sealer over the top, to bring out the colors a bit more.

It’s so nice to have beautiful path to walk on over to the herb area. Maybe now I won’t wear out my slippers as quickly, since I won’t be walking in the dirt as much.

The path leads you in through the gate and then curves into two directions: towards the porch or the pond.  Eventually, I think he’s plan is to have another path take you from the pond back around through the plants, past the above ground pond and reconnect to the original pathway.  But’s that’s a project for another time…


One thought on “Jon’s Project

  1. twadamson

    Looks awesome! It looks like y’all have done a ton with the place since I was there for the wedding. I can’t wait to see it again.

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