Finally, Pants!

I have successfully made pants! Many times now in fact.  My pants! pattern – tweaked many times now – is works well.  Here they are…



brown flannel



a colorful flannel






red cords





butterfly flannel



Best of all, these pants will grow with our little girl.  The pant legs have at least two or more inches that can be let out.  This way I don’t need to make pants! as often.  Although, it is pretty fun to make pants! I just need to make a few more to coordinate with her long sleeve onesies.


Now I can begin working on a new prototype for the stroller sack in warm fuzzy fleece and some fleece mittens and a hat.  Just in time for our San Francisco trip in a few weeks! Oh, and make someone a stocking!  All the stocking have been hung…just need to make one more!


Did I mention that two of the above pairs of pants! were created during Sophia’s almost two-hour nap this morning???? And that she is currently in the midst of another almost two-hour nap?  And that she is back to sleeping on a once-a-night waking schedule?  It’s been tough, and didn’t always work in the beginning, but the “let her cry it out just a little bit” method is working.


We changed her schedule completely.  We’re doing a feeding, wake time (also known as play time), then nap time –  parent-driven (or determined) – but baby cued.  We’re also trying to space the feedings out to every two to three hours.  And if she wakes up from a nap after a short period, she cries just a little bit…and back to sleep.  We don’t let her cry more than fifteen minutes before going in to soothe her or check her diaper.  But most all of the time, she never makes it fifteen minutes – it’s usually five or maybe ten minutes, and back to sleep.  Many thanks to Amy who loaned us the “On Becoming Baby Wise” book.  We realize this sleep thing may continue to change and we’ll need to adjust, but it’s been working.  Thank goodness…we need our sleep.


It probably helps that we’re feeding her some cereal at noon everyday and again in her bottle just before bed.  Gotta keep that belly full! She’s a growing girl!





2 thoughts on “Finally, Pants!

  1. A-M

    Good to hear there has been progress. You are lucky she doesn’t cry for long. Lukas would cry and cry with me sitting right next to him. I think the feeding spacing is a great idea, I definitely took that from that book.

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