sewing projects

We go for lots of walks here.  Sometime two to three times a day…just a nice way to get outside and the dog likes it too.  There’s only one problem – when it’s chilly, the blanket either fly up or get stuck in the wheels of the stroller.  Either way, they don’t work.  Enter the stroller sack- a flannel blanket similar to the sleep sack, but designed to fit through those stroller straps and it has an elastic top to fit close around the baby’s torso.

stroller sack
stroller sack
close up
sack in action (2)
stroller sack in action

And I have a prototype for pants now. I used this site for help, which had lots of great images for almost every step.   They are a bit big still around the middle, but I just found another pattern.  I’ll give it a go soon. This little girl needs pants!  She’s just growing so fast! And most pants are a boring solid color – we like options here…

Here’s what they looked in the beginning – far too wide and long.  Long is fine; it means I can take the hem as she grows.

early pants
early pants

And the finished product:

pant prototype
pants in action (2)
pants in action!
wearing pants
i love my pants momma!

The colorful material is cordory – perfect for the fall.  And vibrant!  Stay tuned for more…


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