sleep sack

Clearly, you can tell how tired we are here, just by the misspellings I had in the last post, which have been fixed.    The newest reason for our lack of sleep has been the sleep sack.  We’re transitioning Sophia out of swaddling into a sleep sack.  This means those little hands are free to move about, pulling out the pacifier, whacking her in the face….generally causing mishap.  We decided to do switch over to the sleep sack because those little hands always manage to get free of the swaddle and this way Sophia can just get used to them.

Or at least, that’s the idea…I mean, those hands ARE here to stay, after all.  So, I made a sleep sack – rather than spend even more money. Honestly, after buying a gazillion of those swaddlers – and only half worked, I wasn’t too excited about buying anything else.  So, here it is…and it does seem to work.  Sophia’s just got to get used to having her hands free.


The sleep sack is a basically a blanket the baby wears to stay warm at night.  This one was made out of a fleece blanket &a 20 inch zipper I had – so I didn’t have to buy anything.  I didn’t have a pattern, and kinda guesstimated a bit on the width.  I used a pair of pajamas to measure for length. I should have made the upper portion a bit snugger, but that’s an easy fix for the next one & I’ll make it a bit longer too.

sleep sack
sleep sack

and here is Sophia’s favorite thing to do in the sleep sack – hands in mouth & feet up in the air…

sleep sack (4)
sleep sack favorite

Now if she could only remember to stick those hands in at night, when she wants to suck on something….instead of me having to get up out of bed and put that pacifier in….

Maybe in a few days…and I may try the rice cereal this week…


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