Sophia Takes Flight!

Sophia is a natural traveler.  She took to flying no problem.  She made eyes at everyone as we boarded the plane and then feel asleep.  She even slept through landing – both times – which is quite the feat! Everyone commented on what a sweet baby she was – she didn’t make any noise at all.  Just smiled…

airplane ride #2 (9)

We had a great weekend trip to New Mexico to see my parents.  It was my mom’s birthday – Happy Birthday Mom!!!

We explored a corn maze (and didn’t get lost!), took a train to Santa Fe (where we wore everyone out on the longest walk ever – and then the hunt for the brewery to recover in afterward), and took lots of walks along the Rio Grande River and the canal path behind my parents’ place.   Dad had tons of fun pushing the stroller like a crazy man. The weather was lovely – cool and crisp in the mornings and evening and sunny during the day.  Just lovely.

Here are just a few photos (more on flickr):

corn maze trip (10)

playing w kitties (2)

Santa FE & train ride (31)

walk along rio grande (4)

Santa FE & train ride (14)

corn maze trip (5)

I think we wore Sophia out.  She slept most of the day we returned and went to bed early.


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