It’s Autumn…

It’s finally Autumn here and the heat has abated. We can go for long walks late in the morning and not sweat to death anymore. Lots has happened in the past few weeks. I’m back at work, only a couple of days a week, and although I’d rather be with Sophia, it’s good to get things accomplished. I really do enjoy my job!

Sophia is growing more and more every day. Still not a fan of sleeping for long periods, but every nap counts. Even on days when she decides NOT to nap more than one hour (luckily, this was with the nanny, who then got to go home and recover!) It’s like she doesn’t want to miss a single minute of life. And she still smiles like crazy when you go to pick her up, no matter the time of day.

Here she is smiling away during nap time:

bed time (4)

She had her first cold last week, what with the weather changing here and still has traces of it. Momma is getting better with that aspirator thingy, but she really doesn’t like snot. Who does?

Sophia likes to grab her pant legs and roll to her left side. Not the right, only the left. She will roll to the right, but not by grabbing at her pants first. Strange things…

She also likes to do this little dance thing in her bouncy chair. Or on the blanket. Really, she does it anytime you aren’t paying enough attention to her when she’s talking. She’s talking up a storm these days. She loves to skype…until it’s time to eat and then she’s gotta be fed. NOW.

She’s sucking on her hands – usually trying to fit both in her mouth at the same time – almost all the time she’s not in her straight-jacket to sleep. And even then, she manages to get her little hands up and out of that. Either out through the top or her hands stick out the little gaps at the sides. If it’s out the sides, she does this “seal” thing, by lifting her butt and flapping her hands. And smiling at the video monitor camera. Totally adorable.

She’s lifting her head more and more – even when she’s in the bouncy chair. She’s no longer content to just sit back and observe – she’s got to be a part of things.

And many thanks to Aunty Diane and Memere – they sent us linguista sausage!  Jon was in heaven!  We made calzones.

linguista calzones (1)

linguista calzones

We’re off to New Mexico this weekend to visit my parents.  This will be Sophia’s first plane trip – wish us luck!


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