Two Months Old…

Sophia had the first of her vaccinations on Friday – poor thing.  She cried and cried at the doctor’s office and then fell asleep in the car.  She seemed fine when we got home.  She ate some food, played, and went down for a nap, until she woke up screaming.  We ended up giving her some baby tylenol and she fell asleep on my shoulder and then slept most of the night. She then proceeded to have little interest in napping, sleeping, or eating the rest of the weekend. Her parents were not thrilled…

Jon thinks the lack of interest in eating part was due to testing out some new bottles & nipples that were different from the ones we have been using. That maybe she just couldn’t figure them out and was not getting enough food to eat.   I’ve stopped using those bottles, even though they are suppose to reduce the gassy issues she’s been having. I guess we’ll just have to live with the gas…

She’s much better since Sunday, although the naps are still short.  Forty-five minutes or so.  Enough time to eat or do laundry.  She’s napping again now – though she wasn’t really sleeping and seemed to keep waking up, I just soothed her and let her there.  I can see her waking up a bit and making sleepy noises on the video monitor, but she’s getting some sleep.  For a few minutes anyways.

Everyone told us that “12 pounds” is the magic number – once she hit that, she’ll sleep longer at night.  Well, she’s 12 pounds 4 ounces and 24 inches as of last Friday…and still sleeping for a five hour stretch and then a three and then 2 to one hours…  We’re hoping for more sleep soon. But she does the cutest thing – when you put her in bed – she just lights up and smiles at you.  Hard to be frustrated with those smiles…

sitting w daddy

She’s also reaching out for things and grabbing on.  She smiles when you smile at her and she loves to watch other kids at story time.  She’s much more interested in the world around her now.

We had some special company last week.  Sophia had a great visit with her Great Grandma Irene (who is 91 years old and flew on a plane from the east coast to visit!) and Great Aunt Diane. We all went out for lunch one day and went to the bookstore.  We also had a picnic adventure in Sonoita. A short visit – but a great one!

with aunty diane (5)

With Aunty Diane

with memere (7)Eating with Memere

We even took Sophia wine tasting…gotta start the wine education young we think…and no, we did not give her any wine…she just enjoyed the company and the sights.  I finally got over my “red wine” aversion that arose during pregnancy!  Thank goodness!

wine tasting w daddy

Drinking with Daddy! Such a happy girl!

Most pants are too short for her – such long legs! These are suppose to be down to her ankles…

alseep after wine tasting (1)Asleep after a long day…

I’m heading back to work part-time next week and I know it will be hard to leave this little girl.  She’s got a great nanny that really loves to spend time with her.  At the same time, I’m looking forward to getting back into my projects.  We’re all looking forward to some cooler weather soon (hopefully) and time for some more short trips during the fall.

We still can’t believe this little grl is two months old…time just flies by…


2 thoughts on “Two Months Old…

  1. A-M

    She is such a cutie patootie!!! More adorable by the second.

    And who the heck said 12 pounds makes them sleep better? I never heard that and I think it’s total BS anyway. Some babies sleep well, others don’t. I think she is doing pretty darn well for 2 mos anyway. Go Sophia!!!!

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