Birthdays Galore

I love birthday parties.  Good food, meeting new people, watching kids run around having fun…and birthday cake.  I love to eat birthday cake.  Most of the time, it’s too sweet for me, but I still enjoy eating it.

Sophia was a little social butterfly this past week.  She went to two birthday parties – Liam’s and Zuzu’s.  She slept through Liam’s party, but for Zuzu’s – she was totally like – what is going on here???  She was a bit fussy before we left and I was concerned…but she was just staring away at people.  She loves to watch the kids – and there were a LOT of kids running around.  Everyone wanted to hold her – she was by far the youngest kid there.

All the kids were wearing little fairy wings – super cute.  There were these three little boys on a couch with these wings on – wish I had gotten a photo of them.  Here’s the birthday girl Zuzu:

birthday girl

And after two and a half hours and a couple bottles later, she just passed out in my arms on the porch.

zuzu bday part (asleep)

The sunset was lovely too…



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