Has it really been seven weeks?

Wow, time flies.  I can’t believe it’s been that long already!  I’ve seen the sun rise more times since Sophia was born than I think I did before she arrived.  I was just thinking about all the sunrises I’ve experienced recently this morning, as I watched the sunlight begin to break through the tree branches.  It’s quite beautiful to see the sky change colors, as it gradually lightens the night sky. The sounds of the birds beginning to stir and chirp, as well as the water splashing down in the pond, are really peaceful at this time of day.  While I’m tired beyond belief at times at sunrise, I’m grateful that I  get to experience these mornings with my girl in my arms.  Sometimes she just fallen asleep…and other times, well, she’s not as asleep as I would like.

I realized that lately all I’ve been using this blog for is to complain, either about the lack of naps, or the droll that is pumping, or the lack of sleep.  Earlier this week I was upset about work things beyond my control and was frustrated all around.  Today I’m going to write about all the wonderful things I get to experience as a momma.

I love Sophia’s smiles.  She’s started smiling back at you when she sees you smile. Her coos are the best sounds – you can tell she’s so content when she does them.  Sometimes it’s in her sleep and I hear it during the night  – and other times, it’s when she cuddled in my arms, happy as can be.

She really appreciates my singing!  (At last – I’ve found someone who does!)  She loves for me to sing to her.  I can usually get her to stop crying or fussing just by singing to her and kissing her face.

I love the feel of her in my arms.  I’ve been trying to put her in her bassinet for naps everyday, even if it takes several tries, just to get her sleeping in her bed.  All the books say this is the best thing to do to get  babies to sleep better…interestingly enough, only one book mentioned how it’s such a treat to hold your little one – and that while you should put them in their bed, sometimes, you just have to hold them.  They’re not going to be that small forever, after all!

She’s begun to find her hand when she needs soothing.  She’d do this more when she naps, except I’ve taken to swaddling her when she sleeps.  She’s quite good at getting her arms free though!

As for other things around here, getting help has been really good.  Though, part of me thinks we should have hired a cleaner & chore do-er instead, so I could spend my time laughing and cuddling with Sophia.  But well, I am very happy with our nanny.  She does a great job with Sophia – and she really thinks each moment is a treat – which it is.

We’re going to a birthday party this weekend for Liam, who turns one.  I can’t believe he’s already one year old – it just goes to show you how quickly time flies by.  I’m going to remind myself when I’m frustrated by things I cannot control, that each baby has their own schedule and way of doing things and we as parents just need to adjust and help them to do what they need to thrive.  Thanks for reminding me of this A-M!


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