The Queen of the 45 Minute Nap

That’s Sophia’s newest nickname, if you couldn’t already guess it.  I’m hoping this is just a two day phase, but, oh boy – it’s not pretty.  She’s still tired when she wakes up – or she wakes herself up because she can’t find her pacifier in her mouth, because it fell out.  She’s slowly learning to go for her hand instead…but this is not coming as fast as either of us would like.

Nanny B started yesterday and it was great to have some help.  The first two hours were spent showing her where everything was and trying to put Sophia down for a nap.  After another bottle and more soothing, Nanny B suggested swaddling her, as she noticed that Sophia’s hands keep whacking her in the face and waking her up.  I said sure, go for it, but she really doesn’t like it – we could never get her to stay swaddled, even with those velcro swaddlers.  Sure enough, it worked for Nanny B…and Sophia slept for two and half hours.  I couldn’t believe it. Part of me thinks she was just exhausted and fell asleep and part of me thinks Nanny B sprinkled special nanny- “go to sleep baby” dust on her (only available to nannies online to impress new employers).   I went and took a nap myself and still she was asleep.  So, swaddling Sophia is the newest thing I’ve been doing…again.  But it didn’t work today for naps.  It sure worked last night – although one arm sneaked out and stayed out all night.

The thing is, with these 45 minute naps, it really doesn’t leave me much time to do anything.  Some days, it’s not a problem.  Yesterday, I just put her in the sling and we did some yard work and watering…she feel asleep for the entire thing.  Today…I had some important work and professional association emails to get out – and it was so difficult to do that.  Not to mention trying to pump, eat something, go to the bathroom, ect.  I’ve become quite good at multi-tasking, but this morning, it was almost beyond me.  I began my lunch at noon, while pumping, had to leave it after pumping because she woke up & need soothing…and reheated my soup twice and finished it around 2 pm.

This pumping thing…it’s getting harder to keep at it.  I’m not producing the same amount as what she eats every day and I know the only way to increase production is to pump more.  I had to stop pumping at night because I needed the sleep, which has lead to its own issues.  Like having slight chills and a fever every morning, not to mention major engorgement.

At this point, I’m just trying to make it through the week pumping and freezing my milk for her.  I’m trying to put away enough milk so she can have five ounces a day for a month…and I’m up to ten packages frozen of five ounces and another three packages to freeze later today.  She’s getting a bottle of breast milk a day, plus whatever she gets when she nurses.  Which she does not prefer to do very often.  She LOVES her bottle of instant, just let me open my mouth and food comes directly with little work bottle.

Did I mention that I’m pumping again as I type this post?  It’s taking over my life.  I’m not sure how much more I can do… And then, how do you stop?  What do you do to get your milk to go away?  No idea…I might ask the lactation consultants if I go to BF support group this week.  I can see it now…ummm, so, how do I quit this breast feeding thing, in a room of mothers breast feeding their babies… Yeah, that should go over real well.

I do love every minute with Sophia.  Some days are just easier than others.  It really helped that I got a nap yesterday when Nanny B was here to watch over Sophia.  I know I’m suppose to nap when she does – and I would love to…if only there weren’t so many other things to do.  And yes, I know I’m on maternity leave, but there are things that need to get done for when I go back which cannot wait.


On a more fun and positive note, Sophia met her Great Grandma Mary, Cousin Sedona and Aunty Sarah last week. Sophia is one lucky girl – she’s has three great grandmas (and one great grandpa) – and another great grandma is coming to visit in a few weeks. We had a great time – and there are more photos on flikr (or there will be when I have a chance to upload them).

pamela w the babies (3)

Sophia meets Sedona

four generations (5)-1Four generations

sophia and greatgma mary (2)Sophia and Great Grandma Mary


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