Selecting a Nanny for Sophia

Today Jon and I interviewed two possible nannies for Sophia.  Both were very nice ladies, with a clear enthusiasm for children. We are leaning more towards one of them, mostly because of her experience, but (from my perspective)  she also asked to hold Sophia right away while she was here. I think she’ll be a good fit for us and Sophia.  She may start next week, with ten hours a week during September and ramping up to twenty hours beginning in October.  I’m going to be here, working from home or working on things around the house during September, just to give me piece of mind and slowly ease the nanny into caring for Sophia.  And once I’m comfortable, I will actually head out to do errands or whatever, like get a hair cut!  I haven’t had one since May!

It will be nice for all of us to get a bit of help here.  Not that we really need help to care for Sophia, but to actually do anything else.  I have some work-related things that I need to do prior to “officially” ending my maternity leave – we all know I’ve been working off and on all summer and during this leave – but some things have to get done.

I still plan on being the one to take Sophia to play dates with our friends and story times on Wednesdays. We’re lucky enough to be flexible with our work schedule and the nanny schedule as well.  I am really surprised at how much I have enjoyed staying home.  I thought I was going to be bored, sitting around the house all day.  I had to leave earlier this week for half a day of work-related stuff, and it was so hard to leave her!  I’ve obviously left her with Jon before, to go the store and whatnot…but not for any work things.  It was hard.  I missed her so much! I cried on the way to the work event and on the way back…kinda silly, but of well!

We’ll see how the nanny works out…


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