Five Weeks

What a change!  Each week Sophia is getting bigger and more active.  She can really hold her head up very well now – for what seems to be a long period of time to me! She’s very demanding about when her food arrives (it’s never soon enough I think) – she lets you know she’s unhappy about any delays. We’re still bottle feeding her breast milk and formula – and the night pumping is taking a toll on me.  More on this topic another time.

But she’s getting bigger – she’s now 10 pounds! And she’s too long for most of those footed pants – her feet and legs just don’t fit.  I had to cut off the feet portion of all her sleep pajamas…and I haven’t had a chance to sew the legs to look nicer, so this is what Sophia has to live with:

cut off pants

Sophia’s awake for longer stretches now as well.  Rather than feed her and then back to sleep (or just be content to lay there), sometimes it’s a busy morning of feeding, bouncing, singing, or playing on the floor.  She can’t hold her toys yet, but she is content to  sucking on one Sophie la giraffe (thanks A-M!).

tummy time (2)

Lucy was willing to show her how to go about playing with the toy properly (especially when she found out it squeaks!), but Sophia kindly refrained.

tummy time (4)

We’re working on more tummy time, but really, you prefer to get your time in by laying on me – either my chest or my shoulder and lifting your head up.  I like it because I get to do this with you! We’re still walking every night after dinner – even though it’s not quite cool enough out there yet.  She often screams for a few minutes, then falls asleep for a bit (usually until we get home). I think it’s the motion of being in the sling.

smiling (1)

We’re loving every minute of it! Mostly when she smiles!


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