The First Month

Hard to believe it, but Sophia’s been here for a month.  Where did the time go?

She’s more lovely every day and gaining weight at an astonishing rate.  She was eight pounds and thirteen ounces at the weigh-in at BF support group on Thursday – a gain of a whole pound and three ounces in a week!  That’s just great!

pretty yellow dress-1

We’re doing very well here.  Not that there is a routine, but the feedings are going well and she usually has a bit of a fussy time in the afternoon or early evening.  We go for a walk every night after dinner as a family (sometimes it takes awhile for Sophia to settle down & enjoy the walk or fall asleep).  But it’s one of my favorite times of day.

Sophia’s Grammy & Grampy Pelletier are here for a visit.  It’s so nice to have them here – Grampy is always cooking food (yummy!!!) and Grammy is always wanting to hold Sophia.  It’s been great to get a little bit more sleep in with them watching her while I (or we) nap in the afternoon.

We went for our first trip to Mt. Lemon as a family and had a picnic.  We’re going to make this a habit – and bring Lucy next time.

family picnic

Sophia slept the entire way up and down the mountain.  And through most of the picnic…

sleeping (1)

Here’s a nice one of our new family! Except, we’re missing Lucy of course!

pelletier family


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