The Third Week

This week got off to a rocky start, but things have ended very well.  Sophia has surpassed her birth weight and now is 7 pounds and 12 ounces!  She gained six ounces in four days…pretty remarkable, given the average weight gain is half to one ounce a day.  I guess she had some making up to do!

We’re still doing breast feeding, followed by a bottle of breast milk during the day (until I run out of that day’s supply) and formula at night.  She’s eating about two to three ounces at a feeding…plus whatever she gets out the breast!  What a girl!

  • She’s holding her head up for moments at a time – and she likes to really push her head off my chest sometimes – I think just to see if she can do!
  • She’s so much more aware and is really tracking with her eyes.  And, she’s sleeping in the bassinet at nights – which is great!  I miss the all night cuddles, but this way, we’re working on sleeping by herself.
  • She  falls asleep on my chest after eating and then I put her in the bassinet. She sleeps a couple of hours (sometimes 3-4) after a night feed (probably due to the formula).  Either way, it’s good for her (and me!).
  • We’re still doing skin-to-skin contact, often during our afternoon naps together.  And she really like the moby wrap – she falls asleep every time!
  • She sleeps during the day, even with music playing next to her, the dog barking, the food processor going!
  • She eventually like her bath last night…

bath time (4)

She’s a joy and I am so glad she’s doing so much better.  I can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!

pretty yellow dress

We have more company coming next week for ten days.  Sophia will get to meet her other set of grandparents!


I’ve neglected to harvest anything from the garden for three weeks and it was time to make pesto!  Lots of pesto!

basil pesto

There was one unfortunate incident with the spatula and the food processor…which is sad, but well…I’m kinda running on a bit less sleep than I am used to…

poor spatula

And I made some banana-chocolate bread from this book I’m reading…I’ll post the recipe soon as I have some more time…


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