Lactation Support Group

Otherwise known as wonderful ladies with babies of all ages & breast feeding abilities – with the lactation consultations to boot!  Talk about helpful!

First, Sophia latched on like a champ (show off!), if only for a little bit.  When she began to tire & pull off her latch, they helped me by suggesting pulling her off, burping her, & retrying to latch.  If it didn’t work, then we tried the other side.  Usually, she was able to reattatch to the side we were working in.  We then switched sides & repeated. She still has trouble latching in – i.e. opening wide enough, but it’s getting better. It helped immensely that I was more relaxed about the whole thing – she picked up on it & was more relaxed too, I think.

Then there were the helpful suggestions about how we are bottle feeding her – like holding her upright, with her head slightly tilted back so her esophagus is wide open  – so food can get right to that belly.  We don’t want her to work too hard at sucking; otherwise, she’ll just tire & stop trying to eat (conserve her calories).  We need to switch from the slow flow nipples for this reason. Poor Jon – he hunted for those nipples for hours!

So, the best news??? She weighted 7 pounds 10 ounces before the feeding and seven pounds eleven & half after a really big poo after eating!!!  She’s gaining weight!!!!!!!!

The other great part was listening to the stories by the mom who had similar or even worse stories in the beginning – and things had improved. Their babies were all shapes & sizes – but healthy. Each baby is different & reaches growths & milestones at different times – which is all normal.  The most important thing – feed the baby!  Be it with bottled breast milk & formula, and try latching on before the baby is so hungry & exhausted trying to eat.

So, that’s what we’re going to do – keep pumping, offering the breast, and feeding this baby any way we can.  She’s doing much better – and I feel so much better about everything.  I’m totally going back next week, not just for the free help, but also because of the company.

The same Scottish consultant was there and remarked how Sophia was so much aware of things, relaxed, and about how much more confident I was about feeding her in general. And she said of course Sophia was gaining weight (in her reassuring accent!) – we’re feeding her & that, in addition to loving her, is the job we have.  And we’re doing great at it!


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