Sophia’s Second Week

I can’t believe how much I love this little girl! She’s amazing & I really don’t know what we did before she came into our lives…

Oh yeah, SLEEP.  I used to sleep at least 8 or more hours at night.  Sometimes LOTS more…those were the days…

Now I catch some sleep whenever I can.  Thankfully, Sophia does these long cluster feeds that do eventually result in a few hours of sleep, anywhere from 2 -6 hours…which are so wonderful. Unfortunately, these usually occur twice a day, like at midnight and 2 pm or some other random time.  Thank goodness for my eye mask…

Jon is doing everything around the house (and outside it!) these days – he’s wonderful!!!!  Couldn’t do this without him.

Lucy is constantly guarding Sophia – from intruders, visitors, and those pesky Fed Ex trucks – cuz, you never know just what they may bring…

Speaking of what they (fed ex or postal people) bring, there have been so many wonderful gifts arriving for Sophia!!!!  I just want to say thank you – and I’ll try to get some photos up of all the lovely things – beautiful girly dresses and lovely onesies…so sweet & generous!

Here are just a few:

onesies by the keiths (1) onesies by the keiths onesies by the keiths (2)

onesies by the keiths

cupcake onesies (2)

cupcake onesies (3)

cupcake onesies

And another visitor this week: Amy and her son Xander.  All the kids who visit just LOVE to play with Jon…

amy & xander w sophia

Sophia this week:

  • she makes some cooing noises at times…
  • she likes to be sung Ella Fitzgerald songs (like “love you madly”) & be jiggled when she’s fussy
  • shes likes to listen to music or nrp during the day while she nurses
  • I think she’s beginning to recognize my voice (she at least likes my singing – for now)
  • those long legs really like to kick & push off your arm – like she’s going to launch herself somewhere
  • she likes daddy’s scruffy cheeks – just like her momma!
  • during those cluster feeds, we change her name to Ms. Fuss Bucket
  • she seems to be more aware of her surroundings – even though I know she can’t focus more than a few inches from her eyes…
  • her umbilical cord fell off while nursing a day or so ago…but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I just hope the dog didn’t eat it…
  • she sometimes sleeps right on my chest instead of me trying to put her in the bassinet…it’s just easier and it doesn’t wake her up (or she sleeps in her vibrating chair)…
  • we were able to nurse (in a sling! no less) at two doctor’s appointments this week…

Motherhood, despite the lack of sleep, is pretty wonderful!

Oh – and the things I miss, being tied at the boob and on the couch all day: our night blooming cereus bloomed! This only happens once a year and at night.  Here it is just as the flower closed…

night blooming cerus


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