Sophia’s First Week

The fabulous:

  • My mom is amazing – she cooks, cleans, does laundry, walks the dogs, feeds all the furry & feathered munchkins (chickens included), grocery shops, waters plants, holds the baby – you name – she’s either already done it or is doing it.  We’re going to miss having her here when she leaves tomorrow – but she’ll be back in a few weeks.
  • Jon is the “poop master” – he tends to do all the dirty diapers during the day. What more could a woman want? And he is great at this – I totally put the diapers on wrong for a bit.  It helps that we got some new “newborn” diapers that fit better.
  • Breast feeding is going well.  We’re using the football hold, as it helps teach me to control her head and gets her to latch on well.  I plan on branching out on holding methods soon.
  • Nipple shields rock – these have been a lifesaver in terms of drawing the nipple out so Sophia can latch on.  We had a tough couple of days without these.
  • Milk production is ramping up – up to almost 2 oz pumped for supplemental feeding. We just need to get some slow flow nipples for the bottles so Jon can do a feeding.
  • Sophia is sucking more vigorously – she was often sleeping or dawdling during feedings (as still is a bit), but this has improved.
  • My incision is healing nicely as well. I have a check up on Tuesday.  It will be at least one more week until I can do more than feed Sophia and walk a little bit around the house. I can’t wait to go for a walk & wear the sling or push the stroller!

hanging w the dogs

A few tough things:

  • Lack of sleep is tough at nights, but I can catch some cat naps while breast feeding during the night.  I’ve been taking a short nap in the morning after breakfast and trying to get one again in the afternoon.
  • There is not much time between feeds to do much of anything.  Feeds usually take an hour or more (with pumping)
  • Sophia has a fussy period during the day – usually between 4 and 9 pm (after one feeding and sometime straight through to the next and fussy again afterwards).
  • Getting her to nap/sleep during this time is challenging – and we’re learning new tricks every day.  What works one time might not work again – at least not immediately. The afternoon heat & humidity is a concern (with our swamp cooler), but cooling her off with damp rags and trying to hold her without transferring our own body heat is working.  It helps that the last two days have been cooler.

But last night the fussy period extended from 8-12, with no breaks from an hour of feeding, then fussiness while trying to get her to sleep (gas issues????), another hour of feeding a bit early…and more fussiness.  Last night was HARD.  If anyone has advice/trucks on how NOT to have this happen for an extended period of time or even ideas period, I’d love hear…

on porch w daddy


  • She has these long gangly arms and legs – these arms have a mind of their own!  They knock the nipple shield off, fly about uncontrollable, and if you try to contain them – woe for you.  These arms are attached to really long feet & fingers – she gets these from her daddy’s side.  She loves to put her hands ion her mouth – often, you can find one or both arms have escaped from the snuggle and one hand is resting on the side of her face & the other is in her mouth!
  • Beautiful eyes – she does this pirate thing with one eye open – often while feeding or burping.  Or just in general!  It’s a hoot! And she does this eye brow raised thing during breast feeding, which is also funny…
  • She is so long and narrow!
  • Her ears somewhat curl or flop over like a puppy – though it could also be from me occasionally (I hold my fingers behind her ears from the football hold).
  • She’s just so sweet – even during that fussy time of day.  I can’t believe how quickly I’ve fallen in love with her.  Even though I hold her a good portion of the day, when someone else holds her, I find myself offering to take her…and I know Jon feels the same way…even  I need to eat & really need a break…

We just want to thank everyone for their good wishes and all the lovely gifts that have been sent!  Just to highlight the handmade, check out what Antje made for her (and me) – truly lovely works of art! Sophia is one lucky girl to have such talented Aunties!

We can’t wait for everyone to meet her!

after eating (4)

I will work on the birth story & Jon is gong to write his perspective as well, since he had such an active role in labor. Stay tuned…and we’ll post more photos as we can.  Posting may be a bit sporadic, given the time constraints & one-handed typing…


2 thoughts on “Sophia’s First Week

  1. Thanks for the post! It’s nice to know what’s going on over there, and she’s adorable :). The only hint I can think of for the napping is swaddling… I know Courtney (Aaron’s sister) was having a hard time with the naps, but she was only swaddling at night. As soon as she started swaddling during for naps, her little guy went from sleeping for 30 min to 2 – 2 1/2 hrs during his naps. Of course this is second hand, because I have no experience yet! Good luck and hang in there! It’s only temporary!

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