Keeping busy…

Here we are, one day away from the official “due date” for le bebe and no sign of le bebe wanting to leave the comfy home inside my belly.  We have an appointment with the midwives tomorrow and then have one week left that we can deliver at the birth center before we have to end up at the hospital to be induced.  I would really rather not have to go to the hospital if we can avoid it.

So, to keep my mind off these details, we kept busy this weekend.  We grilled bugers to celebrate the holiday and spent time in the neighbor’s pool (and got sunburned).  It just felt so good to be in the water.

I finished a little blanket for someone…and come this weekend, I can post more of the items I made for this little one (her shower is Saturday). The I started on the blanket for our little one – here’s hoping I can get it done before le bebe arrives.  Though, honestly, I’d be okay if I didn’t get to finish it because of an imminent arrival!

Jon & I installed the new screen door on the patio – which was an adventure. The door frame was about a half inch shy to make the screen door flush – which meant we had to use spacers to make everything even out.  Several phone calls to my dad and a couple trips to the hardware store later – we were in business.  Now instead of having the front door wide open for the cats, dog, and bugs to come and go as they please – we have to open the door constantly for the dog and cats.  I wish there was some sort of device we could train them to push to open & close the door…but at least we’re keeping the bugs outside. It’s something.

screen doorNew screen door

I finally decided to make a slipcover for a chair I’ve had my eye on for some time.  The fabric is by Amy Bulter and it was leftover from another project.  It’s quite pretty.

new slipcoverSlipcover

I didn’t have enough of the fabric to do a proper slip cover – and this chair is somewhat odd in its construction, so I added velcro to the sides of the chair pad and to the fabric – instant slip cover!

This morning I made a couple more meals – for the week and for the freezer – which should help put some whenever le bebe decides to arrive.  Which hopefully will be soon.  Not that I’m overly anxious about labor – it will be the toughest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m actually looking forward to it – but mostly I just want to meet this little one who keeps doing those yoga moves inside of me. And I’d like to sleep on my back again one day soon.

And before anyone says I should be spending my time resting – please note that I have been resting and napping every day.  I just have this insane need to create or do something productive each day – and then spend the afternoons resting. To keep my mind off things, I’ve gone ahead and scheduled outings or lunches this week – just in the hopes that I get to call and cancel because le bebe is arriving!


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