Stockpiling food…

After a nice chat with my Grandma Mary this weekend, she pointed out that I have not really begun to prepare for the arrival of le bebe. Toys, clothes, and making the room pretty are nice and all she said, but what are you going to eat?

Well now, I consider myself someone who is very concerned about what we eat, so I felt a bit foolish that I forgot about this critical aspect of a new baby -> that perhaps Momma won’t have the energy to do much cooking! And neither would Daddy!

So, to start off the week, I make a very large soupe au pistou, minus the pistou for the freezer.  Enough soup for three days at a time, even if that’s all we eat for lunch & dinner.  I plan on making a large batch of pesto for the freezer in the next few days (the soup freezes better without the pistou).  I bought a few extra items at the store, like extra ground turkey for burgers or meatballs and extra sausages.  (Jon loves sausages & burgers – and it’s something he can quickly grill up!)  I also plan on making a double batch of muffins tomorrow – blueberry and banana – for the freezer.  I also got a couple of pre-made soups from Trader Joes, which can last a few days each, as well as extra tortellini pasta (which goes well with the excess pesto – instant dinner!)

Gotta eat well to breastfeed for le bebe!  That’s the goal!

My mom will be here for awhile after le bebe is born to help out, so I know we won’t starve.  But now that I’ve stockpiled a bit of good healthy food, I think I can rest easier.  I might make a loaf or two of zucchini bread, seeing how the garden has produced some large zucchini that need to be used up soon.

Now when I talk to Grandma Mary next weekend, I can tell her how prepared I am food-wise – and she’ll be proud!


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