Toys for the Tot

More nesting…not that I’m making something everyday, it just seems like it.

Here are some toys I made for le bebe, using patterns from Simple Sewing for Baby and Little Stiches for Little Ones.

overstuffed cat

Fat Cat

This is the overstuffed fat cat, pattern from Little Stiches.  It was suppose to be a tribute to Ms. Kitty, but Ms. Kitty would never have let herself go like this.  I did some new things here, like using interfacing, but it got all over my iron and I didn’t seem to sew it on very well. And the legs, well, the directions didn’t really make it clear that there should be four independent legs until after the body was sewn together.  But obviously cats have four legs, so who knows what I was thinking.

The following toys are all from Simple Sewing.  The pattern in the book is for the giraffe.



Very simple and easy.  But while I couldn’t sleep last night, I got to thinking.  More feet under my ribs again, not to mention the fact that hubby lost his pillows and keep yanking mine out from under me.  Note to all men: stealing pillows from the pregnant lady who needs them to get remotely comfortable will get you kicked out of bed.  Especially when said pregnant lady then trips over missing pillow on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night – and how it got all the way in the middle of the room, I have no idea.  But I digress…

I was thinking about how easy this rattle was to make and how fun it would be to make an elephant.  And horses.  And maybe monkeys.

So, I did some free hand drawing of the pattern from the book and added a snout for the elephant.  And made some circles for ears.  I tell you, trying to sew the circles  was fun – I ended up with different shapes, but I think that’s part of the charm.



And horses – all I had to do there was add ribbon before sewing the original pattern together to make “horse hair”.

horses & elephant

Two horses and an elephant walk into a bar…

I put the suggested bells inside the giraffe and the horses, but I decided that the elephants had enough going on for them.  What with the fun ears to put in le bebe’s mouth and all.

I like the patterns from Simple Sewing much better. Perhaps because they really are simple?

Not too sure how much more sewing I plan on doing…there’s nothing I really need to make, just more having fun. Though I do have some plain onesies and shirts I can play around with…

I still have a blanket left to finish crocheting as well.  I need to get back to working on that, before le bebe arrives and I don’t remember my own name, let alone how to crochet!


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