Cats in the garden

The cats aren’t doing their jobs.  We feed, water, and provide lots of love and attention.  I even planted an extensive patch of CATNIP – just for them.

In return, all I ask for, other than some occasional cuddling, is that they patrol the courtyard garden and keep the birds away from my tomatoes.

I’m not asking them to catch the birds, just keep them from eating the tomatoes.  Lunge or swat occasionally at them, but just keep them away from the garden!  I even helped out by making their job easier by installing some netting over my tomatoes.

What do I get?  Lazy cats who prefer to watch the birds visiting the hummingbird feeders OR the tomato plants.  Preferably from a distance.

lazy cats

Or not even paying attention to the birds, but sleeping on the job!?!?

lazy cat

I couldn’t even get a picture of the other cat – he was inside, sleeping after a night on the prowl.  Really, why do I bother asking for anything from these lazy cats?

At least my hollyhock has bloomed.


And things are growing – I just can’t seem to get to my cherry tomatoes quick enough.  But it is a bit tough to move fast these days.  And to bend down and pick tomatoes…

Maybe I need some new cats?  At least the dog always is willing to be by my side, if not helping, then keeping me company.

garden in june (2)


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