Summer Produce

I love summer.  Late May & early June brings to mind pesto tortellini with a tomato-mozzarella salad with balsamic vinegar.  We ate a ton of that particular dish this month – with the basil & tomatoes directly from our garden.  Thank goodness for the irrigation system – this is the first year we’ve really had a good harvest.

Now that it’s the middle of June, I’m thinking more about stone fruit – nectarines, plums, and peaches.  Rather than just eat them – which is an exceptionally good idea – I want to make dinner out them.

Here’s the pork tenderloin marinated in brown sugar & mustard with caramelized shallot risotto and grilled nectarines.  I would have used peaches – really, any stone fruit is good with pork – but we had nectarines.

pork tenderloin & nectarines

It’s a touch difficult to see all the fruit under that blanket of parmesan.  I might have gotent a little carried away…

And here’s the latest harvest from the garden – lots of cherry & roma tomatoes, a zucchini (!!!) and various peppers.

haul from the garden

On tonight’s menu – a summer salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cannelini beans and herbs.  Maybe with a side of chicken sausages.  Depends if I have the energy to grill or not.

I’m not sure what’s going on with our camera – it makes a horrible noise & the photos are coming out a bit blurry.  I’d like to find another one to use, especially before le bebe arrives…but that’s something for another post!

Now I’m off to finish watering the plants that are not on the irrigation system (mostly pots of herbs) and some sewing. For le bebe of course!  And le bebe’s friends…after all, there is another shower coming up soon for someone

BTW – I am really craving spicy blue corn chips, cheddar & slices of peaches…YUMMY!


2 thoughts on “Summer Produce

  1. Trinka

    Man, our tomatoes are taking forever, but we have been getting some cucumbers. We planted everything a little late this year though. I’ve discovered that tomatoes are starting to give me heartburn! I’m really bummed about that… so many things have tomatoes!

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